Myriad Monday



Lack of posts recently? I can tell you why.

It’s because I’ve been dealing with a doggone migraine since Thursday. I’ve taken triptans twice a day nearly EVERY DAY to help alleviate the pain. And, taken Tylenol.

Why not Excedrin, Advil, or Aleve? Well, I just underwent (is that a word?) my frozen embryo transfer in the hopes of a successful pregnancy. I have a theory on why I might not be pregnant, but I’ll only reveal it if I think I’m right.

Regardless, I can’t take any NSAIDs during pregnancy (just in case I am pregnant) so Tylenol is IT for OTC. I’m lucky triptans are allowed.

I tried to get back into exercise this morning. I can do yoga and light activity so I thought I’d try my hand at yoga again. And reaffirmed that I hate it. I’ll keep doing it to stay active if I am pregnant but I could barely make it through 10 minutes of a 40-minute yoga video. I gave up at the 30-minute mark. Not that it wasn’t challenging—it was VERY challenging; I was sweating—but it’s just not my preferred activity. My preferred activities are the stuff that I can’t do: high-impact exercise, jogging, weight lifting, high-intensity aerobics. And I’m not sure how I’d avoid exercising my abs. (The last thing I need right now.)

If I’m not pregnant, that solves that dilemma. But if I am, then I can switch to some prenatal exercises that will be challenging in a different way. I tried them during my last pregnancy and found them appropriately difficult and engaging. Thank God for exercises that aren’t yoga.

App Review: WordPress

WordPress_blue_logo.svgI should give WordPress a glowing review simply because I use their platform, right?

I don’t have to.

But…I kinda will. And it’s not just because I use their platform. I willingly give WordPress my money because their tools (across web, mobile, and desktop app) make blogging so easy.

Rather than focus on the website or the convenient desktop app, I’ll focus on the mobile app. The mobile app has its limitations (I don’t necessarily know that they’re WordPress limitations rather than iPhone limitations), but overall, it’s a great app for what it CAN do.

Not only aside from writing a basic blog post, I can also enhance it with rich text. (I know, I know. Whooptee doo. Big deal.) But I also like the ability to switch to HTML mode if I need to fix source code or have the option to mess with the post settings that show up in a sidebar on the web app.

I do wish I could add audio from my phone but I think it’s more of a matter that I can’t access the music files through my iPhone rather than WordPress not being willing to provide me with the functionality in the app.

The app makes reading other WordPress blogs easy through Reader, also built into the app. I can also check notifications, track my follows and likes, and read any comments.

My blog is relatively new so I don’t have many followers or visitors yet. But, that’s OK! If you’re new to the site or to this post, follow me not just on this blog but also through Twitter and Instagram.

Word Wednesday

word wednesday

Today’s word is convalesce. (See last week’s definition of sanatorium.)

Convalesce means “to become healthy and strong again after illness or weakness.”

In a sentence, I suppose the appropriate way to use the word would be to say, “After a bout with the flu, I am convalescing.” I don’t even know if that’s the appropriate conjugation OR spelling for the verb.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Roll on, sweet baby, roll on

One of my favorite artists is Norah Jones, who formed a side band called The Little Willies after the launch of her successful solo career. I’ve seen The Little Willies in concert and it was an enjoyable experience to hear them live. One of my favorite songs, a slower, easygoing song, by them is called “Roll On.” Take a listen and see what you think.

Creative writing catch-22

I live in a catch-22 when it comes to writing YA novels. I struggle with the fact that I don’t read enough YA novels, but then I think I’m not qualified to write YA novels if I don’t read enough of them! (As if I haven’t read enough in my life.)

Truth is, I’m probably terrified to put in the hard work of rewriting and reworking a novel I’ve written, perhaps, tons of times. (No lie; I have 6 different versions, including first person and third person POVs.)

But I want to get back to writing. Pumping those creative juices. Escaping from my reality and crafting a world that consists entirely of weirdness and inanity.

But alas, I’d rather stay in bed and have a freak out over what I could do rather than do it.