Eagles fandom and 2018 season

After growing up as a Cowboys fan (to my Giants-fan dad’s dismay), and even using Cowboys colors for my wedding theme, I’ve evolved into an Eagles fan. I casually followed the Eagles through the Donovan McNabb & Andy Reid era.

Then I suffered through Chip Kelly. That’s when I knew what true Eagles fandom was.

I don’t listen to sports radio. Angelo Cataldi is a great radio host but talk has never been my thing. So I watch some pregame, some halftime, and maybe catch a bit of postgame. I mostly read sports news from local affiliates and newspapers.

But, I watched as the Eagles drafted Carson Wentz in 2016. Bright-eyed, ginger-haired guy from North Dakota. Every Eagles fan could see it—the potential for a great quarterback.

And 2017 did not disappoint. He started off strong, possibly gunning for the MVP title had he not gotten injured partway through the season. Nick Foles stepped in for him as backup—and as backup, led the Philadelphia Eagles to their first Super Bowl Championship.

Now Wentz is back. Healed, looking great and strong. O-line? Not so much. They held off the Giants to a meager 13 points but the O-line only looked great because the Giants offense and defense were so sloppy. (Except for Saquon Barkley. Yo. That DUDE is a monster!)

Next Sunday, the Eagles host the Panthers in what I can only imagine will be an interesting game.

The Offense has a history of being sloppy this season, leaving Wentz vulnerable to sacks and pressure. The D-line still has some cleanup to do but overall, can hold its own. This season, the games the Eagles have played have been close (within 3 points or fewer). I believe that’s largely due to the Defense doing its job.

But for the Eagles to keep winning, the Offense can’t just look great against a team that is 1-5. Talk to me about a great Eagles offense when they beat a team that’s 5-0.

Once eccentric, now just disappearing

I started this blog as the eccentriceditor for content’s sake. I didn’t really want to name my site eccentric (I forgot I wanted to use the word eclectic.) I probably wouldn’t have changed the name of the blog if it had been eclecticeditor. Alas, here I am now.

Black Girl in the USA—girl disappearing (what on earth’s occuring?)

Why girldisappearing.com? Well, I bought the domain name because I love the Tori Amos song and thought it would be a good blog site (easy to type and remember). Then I decided to rename it to Black Girl in the USA. You’d think I have commitment issues. I guess I do when it comes to writing and blogging. I’ve been married for 13 years so I have no problems with fidelity there. But I will cheat on my other blogs. I will probably cheat on this one after a while, too. In the past, I’ve written about:

  • Mental health/mental illness
  • Psychiatric drugs
  • Infertility
  • Childlessness (I know, I have a kid now, but it goes along with the infertility part)
  • Postpartum depression/OCD
  • Christian beliefs
  • Books
  • Music
  • Current events

I’d like to take this blog in a different direction. Not just talk about my life, but provide regular content on different things. I won’t say NOTHING is off-limits but I plan on being pretty open about my political leanings, my thoughts on current events, the music I love, and the iPhone apps I ADORE.

And Bitmojis. All the Bitmojis, y’all.

I haven’t felt this angsty, angry, anything since I was 14. I’m depressed, despairing—dare I say it, even suicidal. The idea of a noose around my neck sounds really good right about now.

But I’m also letting my mind entertain depressive thoughts. Because they’re just thoughts. And I’ll get through them, right?

When’s the best time to schedule a mental breakdown?


One of my favorite Christian bands in the whole wide world is BarlowGirl. Although they retired the band in 2012, their music still lives on and rings true.

I have a few favorites—it’s hard to pick one really since so many of their songs have made a difference in my life—but “Surrender” is the one song that has always really resonated with me. Just about surrendering my life and my heart to God.