How have I gotten through several Thursday Tunes without dropping an Aimee Mann song?

I was introduced to Aimee Mann back in 2000 when I was in college, shortly after the movie Magnolia came out. Magnolia came out in 1999 but Aimee Mann predominantly recorded the musical soundtrack accompanying the movie.

That soundtrack changed my life.


Aimee Mann has gone on to become one of the most influential lyricists and singer-songwriters in my life. Every lyric of hers always resonates with me in some way and I can find a way to identify with it (usually metaphorically and figuratively). I’ve gone on to enjoy the albums that came before and the albums that came after, but the Magnolia soundtrack holds a special place in my heart for how raw and honest the music is.

Please listen to my favorite (a nearly Grammy-winning song), if you haven’t heard it before, “Save Me”:


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