Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes

Last week, I posted about BarlowGirl and my love for one of their songs, “Surrender.” I also wanted to post another song by the band, one that has gotten me through really dark times, including through suicidal thoughts. The song is called “Never Alone.” I even purchased a journal from the band with the inscription, “Although you’re invisible, I’ll trust the unseen.”

It’s really hard to trust the “unseen,” sometimes. I don’t believe in the “Universe.” I believe in a higher, divine power who is the author and creator of all things. He created this world and continue to create, through nature, animals, and humans, and he is writing a story for each of our lives. As someone who has written a few novels (unpublished at the current time), I really believe in the sense of “no coincidences.” An author weaving words, chapters, and sections together that creates a book called Life. I’ve created characters and given them laughter, sadness, and confusion. I’ve weaved events together so that the characters in my book go, “Hmm. What an intersection of events. This is weird.” So it’s not unusual for me to think, OK, I went from thinking I wouldn’t have a second kid to having the dilemma of possibly having too many in the form of viable embryos.

In spite of all this, no matter how dark things get, I try to keep in mind that I’m “never alone.”

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