Organization: Knock Knock


I’ve been a fan of Knock Knock since its early days of owning It is now

Upon looking at the site, you wouldn’t think much about organization but its irreverent humor makes organizing fun.

My favorite items from Knock Knock are the notepads. I own a few that they’ve since stopped making (Mood Alert, above, was one) but see below for my favorites that are highly useful.

  • Productive AF! – to-do list
  • What to Eat – plan eating for your week (suppertime help, perhaps?)
  • #Goals – #daily, #weekly, #life – #notepad #hashtags #galore
  • Action Items! – what’s your sense of urgency? You have the option of !, !!, and !!!
  • All Out Of – while I’m a fan of Air Supply’s “All out of Love,” this All Out Of pad helps you with your grocery list (I own it and it’s fan-frickin’-tastic)
  • To Do / To Buy – simple to-do list that offers what it says – one side is To Do with a perforated tear in the middle for your other list To Buy
  • Pack This! – I don’t know how I packed for travel without this notepad. The one I have is probably outdated (phone and mp3 player are separate items) but it’s still amazingly helpful in making sure that I have everything
  • To Do – four sections mark this notepad: tasks, errands, correspondence, and notes

If you’d like to offer citations and NSFW office stickies, see more here.



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