Word Wednesday

word wednesday

Today’s word is caprice:

1 a : a sudden, impulsive, and seemingly unmotivated notion or action
1 b : a sudden usually unpredictable condition, change, or series of changes
2 : a disposition to do things impulsively

I have to admit that this word hits home a little bit because I suffer from bipolar disorder. As a result of the illness, I tend to be a bit capricious. I have often been accused (rightly) of being impulsive. I’m working on it, though.

I know, not exactly the word caprice, but it’s a variant form! It counts.

Tuesday Tunes

Something a little different for Thursday Tunes.

I’ve had Kurt Cobain on my mind and sort of wishing and longing for the days of the ’90s and the angst and grunge that came with it. I was in a pretty lousy place yesterday and had “The Man Who Sold the World” on repeat. But I also love the song. It’s well done, well executed, and well…good. Please take a listen if you’ve never heard it. It’s a cover of a David Bowie song and acoustic so it’s more mellow than it would usually be.

Fear of police


I don’t care if I’m following traffic rules to a T. I’m still scared of cops. Not that normal fear of getting pulled over. That abnormal fear (well, normal to black people) of getting shot or framed for no reason at all. My husband’s white and says, “The media is blowing things out of proportion. Stuff like this doesn’t happen as frequently as you think.”

I don’t care. It happens. And I am still a black woman. And unless you know what it’s like to be black, you will never know the fear that runs my through my veins.

Saturday mood (SAD)

My mood has been yo-yoing. Some days I’m down; other days it’s not so bad. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) so October is really getting to me. (I guess.)

I feel sad. For no real reason. I just am. I really have a great life. I have a good job, have a great marriage, an awesome kid, and I’m in relatively good health. But I still sometimes despair. And I don’t know why.

Organization: Knock Knock


I’ve been a fan of Knock Knock since its early days of owning knockknock.biz. It is now knockknockstuff.com

Upon looking at the site, you wouldn’t think much about organization but its irreverent humor makes organizing fun.

My favorite items from Knock Knock are the notepads. I own a few that they’ve since stopped making (Mood Alert, above, was one) but see below for my favorites that are highly useful.

  • Productive AF! – to-do list
  • What to Eat – plan eating for your week (suppertime help, perhaps?)
  • #Goals – #daily, #weekly, #life – #notepad #hashtags #galore
  • Action Items! – what’s your sense of urgency? You have the option of !, !!, and !!!
  • All Out Of – while I’m a fan of Air Supply’s “All out of Love,” this All Out Of pad helps you with your grocery list (I own it and it’s fan-frickin’-tastic)
  • To Do / To Buy – simple to-do list that offers what it says – one side is To Do with a perforated tear in the middle for your other list To Buy
  • Pack This! – I don’t know how I packed for travel without this notepad. The one I have is probably outdated (phone and mp3 player are separate items) but it’s still amazingly helpful in making sure that I have everything
  • To Do – four sections mark this notepad: tasks, errands, correspondence, and notes

If you’d like to offer citations and NSFW office stickies, see more here.