App Review: Evernote


I’m not gonna lie. Tech writers and productivity buffs have been extolling the virtues of Evernote since its inception and I just couldn’t get on the bandwagon. I tried it 2016 and found that it really wasn’t any better than the basic Notes app on my iPhone. Why did I need an app for taking notes when I already had a built-in app for…taking notes?

But years later since trying Evernote, I’m on the productivity bandwagon. To be honest, I don’t even know how I lived without it. It’s always had the dual function of syncing notes across mobile and web, but I find it essential now. While I’m still learning to use it to the best of its advantage, I find it already helpful.

The basics? Create “Notes.” That’s no different than your phone’s inherent Notes app. But what’s different and significant other than the fact that it can sync across platforms?


I can organize my Notes by “Notebooks.” I have a Notebook for my blog, a notebook for a novel series in development, and a notebook for goals, and a general notebook that’s a catch-all for everything.

Within those notes (except for General Notebook), I have themes. My Black Girl in the USA Notebook centers around creating blog post ideas, brainstorming ideas for weekly blog topics, and having a checklist for creating and publishing blog posts.

I can capture websites I want to save and screenshot web pages to save them to my Notes. I CANNOT do this with my iPhone Notes app. (In fact, I’ve deleted my Notes app. It’s redundant.) I can insert images that I want to use for my blog posts.

I can also record voice memos and other audio. I can sketch and doodle if I need to, and attach any necessary files pertaining to my notes.

If it weren’t for the web syncing, I don’t think I’d be as crazy about Evernote as I am. I can easily write a blog post on my phone, copy and paste the text from Evernote web into WordPress, and then customize as need be. (I’m also a huge fan of WordPress’ cross-syncing capabilities with mobile and web, but we’ll save that post for another day.)

Anything that helps my productivity and ability to Get Things Done easier. I have the option to upgrade but I don’t need any of the advanced features and have everything I need with just the free version. Maybe one day I’ll need more advanced features like annotation PDFs and accessing my notebooks offline (probably the one thing that’s most important to anyone), but for now, I’m good.

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