Cassie Taylor is a 30-something woman who lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She’s black but talks white. She likes white music, has white friends, and married a white man. Among the mundane things like being a daughter, wife, and mom, she’ll also be likely to express opinions on topics you will disagree with. Here’s your list so you can stop reading while you’re ahead:

  • She’s pro-life (that is, anti-abortion AND anti-death penalty)
  • She’s a Bible-believing Jesus follower (not a fan of the term “Christian” anymore)

Now that the leftists have abandoned this blog, time to offend the right-wingers:

  • She’s pro-social and racial justice (eg, cops need to stop killing black people)
  • She’s anti-Trump (seriously, why do you support him?)
  • She supports the LGBTQ+ community (even if she doesn’t fully understand the TQ+ part of it)
  • She wants the NRA to close its doors (forevah)

Non-political reasons you won’t like me:

  • I love me some Bitmojis. Don’t you dare take Bitmojis away from me.

If you’ve read this far, here are some reasons why you might like me:

  • I like all kinds of music (I am ridiculously eclectic—I mean that)
  • This blog is likely to be well written. I am a wordsmith by trade and it is my job to focus on the finer points of American English grammar and usage (call me out if I majorly screw up; that’s how I learn)
    • Please note that I will use improper grammar or slang for fun. It’s a blog, not a peer-reviewed article
  • I love my iPhone X (oh wait—bye, Android users)
  • I prefer Windows over Mac, though (oh look! the conservatives are back!)
  • I like creative writing—I may post sample chapters or short stories
  • I am obsessed with to-do lists, planners, and calendars—manual or digital
  • I like organization, too (I will only accept sponsorship from The Container Store. OK, maybe IKEA, too. Also Target… A big, hard NO to Walmart, though.)

Did you read this far? Thanks. If you’re not turned off or offended, you have permission to read the blog now.