This week has been OK. Steady at times, slow at others. I’ve been lazy and not doing much on my time off other than trying to focus on this blog and getting it up and running.

I don’t expect anything miraculous or interesting to come out of this blog. Instead, this is my way of being able to write on a regular basis. Whether it’s about mundane stuff or earth-shattering revelations. Sometimes I might post more than once. Some days I might not post at all. My hope is to post 3 times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). I anticipate the more original content will be harder to provide and thus I’m not committing to it.

I’m feeling pessimistic overall. I’m going through fertility treatments to try and have a second kid and so far it’s been a flop. I have one more shot (figuratively; I have LOTS of shots literally) and after that I’m pretty much done trying with assisted reproductive technology. Technically I think I’m down and out but you can’t win the lottery if you don’t play.