App Review: Fantastical 2 for iPhone

One of my favorite calendar apps used to be Sunrise. Then, Microsoft bought it and supposedly integrated the best features of Sunrise into the Outlook app. The Sunrise app itself was discontinued. The interface was great and just what I needed. But with the Sunrise’s void, it left me searching for the “perfect” calendar app for me. And while iCal has a nice interface, I wasn’t satisfied with it. After trying many different apps (including Outlook), I finally settled on Fantastical 2 and I love it.

The feature that is most important to me when it comes to a calendar app is being able to have a monthly view and agenda view at the same time.

Adding an event is extremely easy. All I have to do is type in 8-8:30 Lunch with Melissa at Jefferson Station, and Fantastical automatically recognizes the time, event, and the location based on the keywords used.

I am also able to add as many calendars as I want, which I primarily use from Google.

But if I’m using Google calendars, why not use…Google Calendar (the app, that is)?

I don’t want to go into too much detail about Google Calendar right now since I’d like to save my rant on that app for another post but my main point of contention is that my monthly view isn’t “sticky” so everytime I reopen the app, it defaults to the agenda view.

Monthly/agenda view (need to tap arrow next to month)
Agenda view (default view)

Fantastical 2 costs $4.99 but there are times when you can score it on sale. (Maybe during the holidays?)

I don’t use the reminders feature (we’ll get to Gmail Inbox one day) but I’m sure once Inbox is no longer supported, Fantastical 2 will have another use for me.

Organization: Knock Knock


I’ve been a fan of Knock Knock since its early days of owning It is now

Upon looking at the site, you wouldn’t think much about organization but its irreverent humor makes organizing fun.

My favorite items from Knock Knock are the notepads. I own a few that they’ve since stopped making (Mood Alert, above, was one) but see below for my favorites that are highly useful.

  • Productive AF! – to-do list
  • What to Eat – plan eating for your week (suppertime help, perhaps?)
  • #Goals – #daily, #weekly, #life – #notepad #hashtags #galore
  • Action Items! – what’s your sense of urgency? You have the option of !, !!, and !!!
  • All Out Of – while I’m a fan of Air Supply’s “All out of Love,” this All Out Of pad helps you with your grocery list (I own it and it’s fan-frickin’-tastic)
  • To Do / To Buy – simple to-do list that offers what it says – one side is To Do with a perforated tear in the middle for your other list To Buy
  • Pack This! – I don’t know how I packed for travel without this notepad. The one I have is probably outdated (phone and mp3 player are separate items) but it’s still amazingly helpful in making sure that I have everything
  • To Do – four sections mark this notepad: tasks, errands, correspondence, and notes

If you’d like to offer citations and NSFW office stickies, see more here.