Kanye West: Late Registration


I am praying for Kanye West.

Ye’s obsession and love for Donald Trump concerns me. I know most people in the black community have disowned him (I mean, really, can you disown someone of the same skin color?). Kanye’s been going on rants about MAGA is great and something about slavery being one of “choice.” I miss good ol’ Kanye who rapped and repped his Chi-town home. Kanye has always been out there and outspoken. It’s just sad that he’s got such a distorted view of things right now. So I’m praying that his eyes will be enlightened to 2 things:

  • the love and salvation of Jesus
  • Donald Trump ain’t the greatest (putting it mildly)

I’m posting the “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (remix)” with Jay-Z today. Listen to the lyrics and how they bring attention and light to the plight of African people working in the diamond industry. Kanye can be deep with his lyrics when he wants to be. He’s smarter than he lets on. But Lord have mercy does he need help.

Enjoy vintage Ye.

Something Like a Hero

I had a Tori Amos Pandora station at one time and the best artist to ever come about from that station (for me) was Charlotte Martin. Her piano-driven song, “Something Like a Hero,” is a song that I think almost Tori Amos fan would appreciate. With the (semi) nonsensical lyrics that still have a unifying theme, Charlotte Martin is an artist to check out if you’re a Tori Amos fan.

Tuesday Tunes


Y’all don’t know how much I love me some Britney Spears. Ever since her mental health breakdown back in the late 2000s, I’ve been praying for the girl and following her career ever since. One of my favorite songs is NOT any of her earlier hits but one from the past few years, an album called Circus. And while I love the title track, I also really like the song, “Blur,” which I feel like has deeper meaning than the lyrics actually say. Judge for yourself.


How have I gotten through several Thursday Tunes without dropping an Aimee Mann song?

I was introduced to Aimee Mann back in 2000 when I was in college, shortly after the movie Magnolia came out. Magnolia came out in 1999 but Aimee Mann predominantly recorded the musical soundtrack accompanying the movie.

That soundtrack changed my life.


Aimee Mann has gone on to become one of the most influential lyricists and singer-songwriters in my life. Every lyric of hers always resonates with me in some way and I can find a way to identify with it (usually metaphorically and figuratively). I’ve gone on to enjoy the albums that came before and the albums that came after, but the Magnolia soundtrack holds a special place in my heart for how raw and honest the music is.

Please listen to my favorite (a nearly Grammy-winning song), if you haven’t heard it before, “Save Me”: