Point of Grace: Emmanuel, God With Us

Point of Grace is an all-female Christian band (that I honestly haven’t kept up with over the years) that dropped one of my most favorite Christmas albums. It’s a classic to me and symbolizes the wonder and magnificence of Christmas. With a mix of Jesus-based songs and standard holiday fare, A Christmas Story is an all-around great Christmas album from a Christian group. Below is “Emmanuel, God With Us,” a beautiful song about reaching out to a stranger during the holiday season.

Amy Grant: Christmas Can’t Be Very Far Away

One of my favorite albums of the Christmas season is Amy Grant’s A Christmas to Remember. One of the songs that always gets me into the swing of Christmas is “Christmas Can’t Be Very Far Away.” It’s probably not apropos for those who don’t really have family around but it reminds me of the time that I will share with my family and quite frankly, enjoy good food.

Tuesday Tunes


Y’all don’t know how much I love me some Britney Spears. Ever since her mental health breakdown back in the late 2000s, I’ve been praying for the girl and following her career ever since. One of my favorite songs is NOT any of her earlier hits but one from the past few years, an album called Circus. And while I love the title track, I also really like the song, “Blur,” which I feel like has deeper meaning than the lyrics actually say. Judge for yourself.

Tuesday Tunes

Something a little different for Thursday Tunes.

I’ve had Kurt Cobain on my mind and sort of wishing and longing for the days of the ’90s and the angst and grunge that came with it. I was in a pretty lousy place yesterday and had “The Man Who Sold the World” on repeat. But I also love the song. It’s well done, well executed, and well…good. Please take a listen if you’ve never heard it. It’s a cover of a David Bowie song and acoustic so it’s more mellow than it would usually be.

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday Tunes

Last week, I posted about BarlowGirl and my love for one of their songs, “Surrender.” I also wanted to post another song by the band, one that has gotten me through really dark times, including through suicidal thoughts. The song is called “Never Alone.” I even purchased a journal from the band with the inscription, “Although you’re invisible, I’ll trust the unseen.”

It’s really hard to trust the “unseen,” sometimes. I don’t believe in the “Universe.” I believe in a higher, divine power who is the author and creator of all things. He created this world and continue to create, through nature, animals, and humans, and he is writing a story for each of our lives. As someone who has written a few novels (unpublished at the current time), I really believe in the sense of “no coincidences.” An author weaving words, chapters, and sections together that creates a book called Life. I’ve created characters and given them laughter, sadness, and confusion. I’ve weaved events together so that the characters in my book go, “Hmm. What an intersection of events. This is weird.” So it’s not unusual for me to think, OK, I went from thinking I wouldn’t have a second kid to having the dilemma of possibly having too many in the form of viable embryos.

In spite of all this, no matter how dark things get, I try to keep in mind that I’m “never alone.”


One of my favorite Christian bands in the whole wide world is BarlowGirl. Although they retired the band in 2012, their music still lives on and rings true.

I have a few favorites—it’s hard to pick one really since so many of their songs have made a difference in my life—but “Surrender” is the one song that has always really resonated with me. Just about surrendering my life and my heart to God.